1. theimpossiblecool:

    “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” 

    Jack Kerouac. 

  2. bookshelfporn:

    ‘tsundoku’ - the Japanese word for buying books & not reading them, leaving them to pile up.

  3. Earrings now available in .40 Cal and .45 Cal.

  4. New Etsy listing! I made bullet earrings. And they’re cheap


  5. My bullet cross pendant is now available in 3 sizes. See all 3 over at my Etsy store.


  6. sonofiver:

    I hate myself. I hate the way I do everything. I mess up all the time. I just want to be done with everything. And I hate how nobody wants to help me. Nobody REALLY cares. It all sucks. Goodbye.

    Hey, I don’t know who you are. You’re just some person that followed me because of a goofy joke I made. But I care. You’re not alone. Believe me, we all mess up and we all feel like that sometimes.

  7. Bullet cross pendant. If these catch on, I’ll be making a bunch of them.

    For sale at Etsy.


  8. Another bullet lamp I made. I soldered together 104 9mm bullet casings, 46 .44 Mag casings, and 10 .22 cal casings. Also for sale over at Etsy.


  9. I found what I think is an old spice ball and repurposed it into a cool little hanging tea light holder. Up for sale over at Etsy.


  10. Here’s another lamp I made. This one is for sale on Etsy.


  11. I made a lamp out of 108 9mm bullet casings. Each one individually soldered in place. And, yes I did shoot all of those rounds.

  12. More church notes doodles.

  13. fightfighters:





    I was speaking with a Black friend of mine earlier today about this and he brought up a great point. The Elite, White media can literally stir an entire Nation into a frenzy over the massacre of 20 suburban white children but simply overlook the deaths of over 100 Black children in Chicago. Wake up,  People, you are being played by the Government and the Media. All children should be equal in the eyes of our Government.


    “They don’t give a fuck about us” - Tupac Shakur

    We talked about this in my history class last week. The media is absolutely absurd. 

    Signal boosting the fuck out of this.

    if anyone wanted a list, here they are. all 107 children.

    I’m only reblogging this to point out what seems to be a really obvious non-sequitur. Namely that this is comparing one single event with a year’s worth of statistics. It’s comparing 20 kids being shot in one school in one day to 100 kids being shot in one city in a year. It’s apples and oranges, and equating the two and crying racism is frankly dishonest. This would be a valid point if there were (God forbid) an equivalent event to the Newtown shooting that happened in inner city black areas. But that’s not the case. Of course I don’t discount the tragedy of either, but this simply has nothing to do with racism or gun control. The Chicago number is important, but don’t complain that it didn’t get the same coverage to something vastly different.

    (via anatlantapeach)

  14. More doodling in church. I listen better when I doodle.

  15. Doodle on some notes during a meeting at church.